About US

Who we are

Leaders in elevator rope innovation

We, at Brugg Lifting develop and manufacture technologically advanced elevator ropes. A leader in technology, we provide innovative products to our customers.

Our attention to detail ensures that we achieve perfection at every level of the manufacturing process, right up to delivery of the ropes and beyond.

Our Mission

Going Up

​​ With cities growing taller, at Brugg Lifting our mission is to provide our clients across the world a secure way of transportation. With our innovative products like coated ropes and belts, we ensure that our products give the best performance at high speed and with no bounce.

No one knows ropes like we do. And, with our excellent customer service teams across the world we provide the expertise required to make every project a success.

Our History

One Man. One Vision. Going Up.

Brugg Lifting is a leading global organisation in the production of elevator ropes. Our history goes back over a hundred years and to our Founder Gottlieb Suhner. In May 1896, the foundation of our company was laid when Gottlieb Suhner opened a cable factory in Brugg, Switzerland.

In 1910, Brugg became the first company in Switzerland to manufacture ropes for mountain cable cars. Kabelwerke Brugg entered the global market as early as 1985 with the establishment of a branch in Houston. The segment of wire ropes manufactured was extended in the same year with the acquisition of Schweizerische Seilindustrie AG based in Shaffhausen.